Dexter Cattle

Why Irish Dexter Cattle

After doing much research into small cattle breeds we decided to go with the Dexter breed due to their hardiness and kind personalities and in 2008 we purchased our first Dexter cows. Since that time our “small cattle” herd has grown to 8 cows, a bull and a few steers, some registered and some not. It is our goal to eventually have all registered stock. We currently raise calves each year that are either sold as breeding stock, milk animals, pets or raised for beef. Our animals are given no growth hormones or antibiotics, they are allowed to grow naturally.

Meat animals are grass fed.  Beef raised in this manner has wonderful health benefits such as being very lean, lower in calories and high in omega 3 fatty acids. Dexter cattle are usually between 700 to 900 pounds when full grown and with their smaller stature the cuts of meat are smaller than the normal full-size beef animals. My husband likes to brag about eating 2 T-bones at one sitting!


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Beef for Sale

The meat will be sold by hanging weight which will be approximately 350-450 pounds. The animal will be processed by Cherry Hill Meats in Taylors Falls, MN. Buyer will be responsible for cutting cost.

Please call for current prices and availability. 715.483.9292

Cattle for Sale

Call for details. 715.483.9292


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